UC Mini APK – Download

First of all, what is UC Browser APK? UC Browser or UC Browser APK is a popular web browser for smartphones and tablets that have been designed and developed by UCWeb. UCWeb is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, and UC Browser APP is a lighter version of the world famous – UC Browser for Android. It is available for free download on Android, iOS and a lot of other mobile operating systems. Apart from that, you can also download and use it on Windows devices (using BlueStacks Player). You can download UC Mini APK online for free. Do it today to enjoy light web browsing on your mobile phones and tablets.


App Name UC Browser app
Version 10.7.8
File size 4.7MB
Developer UCWeb.com
Downloads 12,21,38,000


Is UC Browser App worth it?

Absolutely yes! UC Browser app is one of the best light web browsers that are out there. You can do a lot of stuff with this app. Not only is it an ordinary mobile web browser, but it is also your one-stop for top apps and games. Apart from that, you can also perform a lot of things with it. Be it downloading videos, movies or even audio, everything is possible with UC Browser Mini. It is a safe and secure to use app that is loved by all. Thus, switching over to UC Mini for Android from other web browsers (like Chrome, Firefox or Opera) is very easy and equally beneficial.

What are some benefits of UC Browser APK over other mobile web browsers?

First of all, UC Browser APK is very light in size and composition. Unlike other web browsers, this one is free from all the pompous elements and this makes it incredibly light and to the point. There are no gaudy elements here that will cause your browser or even your device to slow down or crash. The app support is incredible and updates are rolled out occasionally (especially for safety purposes). You can download a lot of stuff with this small app. Although it may be small, its size should not make you believe that it is a weak app. It is very fast and web browsing is a great experience on it. Download UC  Browser today in order to find out more about it.

Why Install Download UC Browser?

  • UC Browser app is compact in size but is equally powerful. It can load quite heavy websites on it without much load on the processor. Also, the load on RAM is also reduced since it is very small in size.
  • Each end every web content gets compressed and then loaded onto the cloud memory and then decompressed. This makes it load much faster and it also does not consume much memory.

uc mini

  • The interface is neat with minimal bloatware. Because of this, it works flawlessly on each and every device it is made to run on. Because of all this, many people love this app.
  • You can download movies, videos, apps and even games with this browser app. Thus, not any other browser provides with so many perks today and so you should download UC Browser APK browser today!

How to Download UC Browser APK?

UC Browser APK file can be found online for free. If you have an Android device, then installing it is very easy. All you have to do is to download and install the APK file and once it will get loaded, it will automatically do the rest for you. When it gets installed, you will be required to open it for the first time.

Make sure that you have an active internet connection before doing that. Once it opens up, it will automatically ask you whether you wish to load your previous browser’s data onto it. Once you reply in an affirmative, it will start to upload each and every user information like – saved sessions, passwords, bookmarks, history, download history and cookies to the new browser.

After that, you will be able to use it freely and without any issue. It will work just like any other web browser. It is just light in size and that is one of its prime features. You will not have any problem in using Download UC Browser as it is very easy to understand and to use. Once it gets installed and everything gets loaded, you can uninstall any previously installed browser/browsers.

Thus, in order to try it out yourself, download the UC Browser APK file for Android (or IPA for iOS) today!

How to install UC Browser APP?

First of all, download the APK file.

  • The APK (Android Application Package) file will get downloaded, and do the following steps-
  • Go to Settings > Security Settings.
  • There, enable installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the .APK file on your phone using a file manager.
  • Once located, open it and click on install.
  • Run the app, and you are good to go.